İngilizce Türkçe Örnek
Almost Neredeyse She was almost thirteen
Reduce Azaltmak They've seen their sales reduce
Simply Basitce I simply said that
Depth Derinlik What is the depth of the lake?
Purpose Amaç/Maksat For what purpose?
Section Bölüm Do you have a non-smoking section?
Sentence Cümle Deterrent sentence
Stockpile Stoklamak Plutonium stockpile
Also Ayrıca Also, my hat is quite empty.
İnheritance Miras First it was the inheritance thing.
Avoid Önlemek/Kaçınmak You can't avoid conflict all the time.
Chain Zincir That was one chain of events.
Our Bizim A result of our actions?
Hopefully İnşallah/Ümitle in a hopeful manner
Reason Sebep/Gerekçe/Mantık No reason to learn
Pleasure Zevk It was a pleasure to meet you
Anymore Artık "I don't want to do it anymore," he said at last.
Sometimes Arasıra Sometimes we go out to eat
Usually Genellikle I'm usually quite tired the next day
Sometime Bazen He left sometime before lunch
Everyone Herkes Everyone was looking at her
Anyone Kimse I don't think anyone was timing me
İmprovement Gelişme/İyileşme I am improving myself
Chair Sandalye There, sitting in his chair, was Carl, fast asleep.
Roommates Oda arkadaşı Roommates in college
Thought Düşünce I never thought I could do it
Living room Oturma odası Alternative form of living room
İnteresting İlginç You're a very interesting person
İnterested İlgilenen Are you as interested in photography as we are?
Crowded Kalabalık Must be crowded here today
Approach Yaklaşım Her plan was to approach the building from the back parking lot
Loan Borç Will somebody kindly loan me a hat?
Mostly Çoğunlukla She kept mostly to her room
Appointment Randevu I can make it to my appointment without you
İnstead Yerine I will try to make friends instead of enemies
Outstanding Ödenmemiş There is no outstanding debt
Ancient Antik The ancient world was a cruel place
Once Bir kez Once again she sighed deeply
Twice İki kez We go through this at least twice a year
Miscellaneous Çeşitli List your miscellaneous expenses in the right-hand column.
Unforgettable Unutulmaz unforgettable sights.
Entertainment Eğlence It was entertainment for a rainy day
Strip Şerit sunset strip
Fascinating Büyüleyici fascinating day
Grill Izgara Okay, want me to grill up some steaks?
Association Birleşme No territorial association was needed.
Rather Daha doğrusu Thanks, but I'd rather go alone.
Tend Eğiliminde We tend to never forget.
percentage yüzde The percentage of illiterates
Ability Kabiliyet He never mastered the ability to run.
Refer Başvurmak So we somehow refer cases to you?
Confident Kendine güvenen She was a confident swimmer.
less often daha az sıklıkta Now the world has one less fool!
Might Belki It might have done damage inside.
suggestion öneri can you suggest a book ?
Test Test Test
Hi Merhaba Hi i m keykubat